Embassy Tower, St Leonards

Embassy Tower, St Leonards
Embassy Tower, St Leonards
Client: Hutchinson Builders
Project: Embassy Tower
Location: 1 – 17 Marshall Ave, St Leonards
Date: January 2017 to late 2018
Crane: Yongmao STL230-18
Personnel:  A combination of both Reds Global  and Hutchinson Builders crane crew

The Embassy Tower is a residential building consisting of two buildings over three common basement levels.  One building consisting of 52 apartments over 6 levels. The other building consisting of 220 apartments over 29 levels.  The basement levels will have 302 car spaces.

The use of the tower crane in this location was always going to be challenging due to the location with exposure to high winds and the nature of the build.  The Yongmao STL-230 was chosen for this site due to its robust construction and capabilities.

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Embassy Tower, St Leonards